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Wine Gourmet Travel – Your Guide to the Wine Regions of the World.

Wine Gourmet Travel offers the world’s most comprehensive, curated collection of Wine Estates (farms, chateaux, domains), Wine Regions, Accommodation, Restaurants, Wine Merchants, Wine Tour Operators, Spa’s, Wedding Venues – basically everything and anything to do with the glorious wine regions of the world.

In addition, we also offer information and listings on travel destination to non-traditional wine destinations.

The aim of the Wine Gourmet Travel website is to put travellers in direct contact with all service providers within the wine and tourism industry. Wine and gourmet travel are on the increase to all the major wine regions in the world.

More and more wine growing countries are catching on to the economic benefits of wine and gourmet travel and tourism – especially in the luxury market.

Wine and Gourmet Regions of the world

Almost 95% of all the countries in the world produce wine or alcohol of some sort.

Wine is made on almost all the continents. You will find wine regions in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America as well as South America.

The historic, old-world wine countries are mostly based in Europe.

Some countries have produced wines long before the French, but to summarize we can say that the old-world wine countries include France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Georgia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and many more.

The new-world wine countries include the USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Canada, UK, Russia and China to name but a few.

There are also other countries producing superiour quality wines that you might never have thought doing so at all.

These countries include Turkey, Lebanon, Japan, Peru, Mexico, India, Morocco and Tunisia to name but a few.

By browsing the Wine Gourmet Travel website, you will be able to find more information and listings on the following service providers – everything that you might need to plan and book your gourmet trip of a lifetime.

You will find more information on the following:

  • Wine Estates in all the major wine regions of the world
  • Accommodation suppliers
  • Various Wine Tours (you don’t want to drink and drive after-all)
  • Restaurants
  • Wine Festivals and Events
  • Wine Merchants (shops)
  • Wedding Venues
  • Micro-Breweries
  • Specialised Food Shops, Deli’s, etc
  • Places of Interest
  • Spa’s

You will be dealing directly with all the service providers on this website, so there are zero booking fees or commissions – you will be in contact with the owners, winemakers or managers of each establishment.

In the near future we will also have an exciting section on our website where you will be able to book packaged wine and gourmet holiday deals.

Wine Festivals and Events of the World

Almost all of the wine regions in the world have fun-filled festivals and events throughout the year.

These events could include everything from a simple Farmer’s Market to elaborate Wine and Gourmet Feasts showcasing the best wine and food of each region.

Join all the small villages, towns and even cities in celebrating their food, wine and culture.

Simply click on any wine region on our website and you will find interesting, fun-filled festivals and events which will cater to young and old alike.

The chefs and winemakers, in all the wine regions of the world, are proud of what they produce, so please support them in making YOUR wine region more popular and well-known the world over.

Travel Destinations of the World

Wine Gourmet Travel is more than just a wine and food driven information portal.

Our world is filled with breathtakingly beautiful destinations in non-historic wine regions.

Think of the luxurious sandy beaches of Fiji, or watching the sun rise on the safari plains of Botswana. What about an island vacation on the islands of Mauritius or Seychelles? Don’t forget about luxurious mountain retreats in the Swiss Alps or enjoying the view from one of many Penthouse Suites in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Yes, with Wine Gourmet Travel you can choose to visit many travel destinationsaround the world.

We look forward to see you in a destination of your choice soon.

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